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Who We Are

Born from the desire to encourage, engage, and educate young people, BrickSpace has evolved into a true community center.

From our building center facility to in-school and on-site STEAM programs across the Bay Area, BrickSpace works to engage, challenge and support students of all ages through LEGO play and STEAM learning.

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What We Offer

Brickspace provides Lego® building and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) hands-on programs for students from early childhood to 8th grade. We know that preparing students for the workplace of tomorrow is a priority for schools all over the world. Using Next Generation Science Standards, our classes create opportunities for practicing 21st century skills -  they enhanced students' critical thinking, creativity, communication and collaboration skills. Through our classes, we challenge students to use their imagination and their knowledge of engineering and science to problem solve: they design, build, test and evaluate using set criteria. Students can expect to "fail" safely and they are encouraged to come up with different solutions to their problem.  Our programs aspire to help kids build confidence and develop the desire to learn more. We scaffold our lessons so that students can build upon the concepts they have learned. We hope to work with your student soon!


And that's just the beginning!

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Our Founder

With a background in education and after school programming, our founder, Fary Koh, draws on a wealth of experience to develop new ways to engage learners. She has a Masters of Education (Michigan State University) and a BA in English & Linguistics (York University, Toronto, Canada). Before starting an after-care program in Benicia, she led Academic Support Services at UC Berkeley for 5,000 students. She also began a living & learning program at Berkeley created to support women studying science & engineering.  

How We Teach

Ms. Fary, as she is called by many of Benicia’s kids & their parents brings extensive experience working with children. She has provided strong after-school and enrichment programs for 12 years. She has proven children learn when they are engaged, challenged & supported. She advocates for hands-on learning and finds Legos to be one of many tools to facilitate that. "It is amazing to see kids’ ability to build, to play independently, to collaborate with their friends and create a big city with a movie theatre, pet shop and school."


And that's just the beginning!

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