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Preschool STEAM starts the week of January 23. 

(Brickspace is Closed Mon and Tues Jan 16-17).

Free class this Thursday

at the new location 408 military East

8:30 am to 11:30 am

LEGO STEAM Club in Benicia starts next week.

Lego Play

Our hands-on STEAM program for young learners explores math, science, and engineering concepts 3 mornings a week through fun, engaging Lego® building, reading, science experiments and art.

In Person  After School STEAM Enrichment. 

Lego STEAM Club

Checkout your School's Schedule and

register here.

School Breaks &

Summer Camps.




(Preschool age)


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Who we are

Brickspace provides Lego® building and STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math) hands-on programs for students from early childhood to 8th grade.

What we offer

STEAM learning through PLAY! Our programs include classes and camps for preschoolers and elementary-aged children at our facility in Benicia, birthday parties, drop-in open build, parents night out and school site programs such as after school Lego® STEAM clubs, and much more!

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Kids building lego

Parties& Events

Is your group is looking to have a fun get-together that is a learning opportunity?

We offer birthday parties, workshops, groups, family and homeschool events, and more.


From Teachers

"Thank you so much for the photos and giving my students an opportunity to grow through problem solving, collaborating, and sharing their marble designs. They would have been there all day if we let them! They love it when you and Taylor come to Dan Mini. Looking forward to next time."  ~Teacher from Dan Mini Elementary

From Parents

"This place is a hidden gem! Wow! We just experienced such a wonderful birthday party for my 5 year old girl! All the kids were so engaged! This is LEGO heaven for both boys and girls! A perfect place for a birthday but I understand now that they do drop offs and camps! My girls, 5 and 7 both wanted me to sign them up immediately! They would go back tomorrow, and every day! So happy we were told about this place. Hve fun! Be advised parents you might turn into a kid again." – Rachel A.

From Kids

He asked on the way home from his party, 

'Mama, when can we go back there?' And I’m sure it wasn’t just the cake and presents! Thank you for a wonderful 4th birthday experience!"


STEAM Learning Through Play

Check out our classes and camps for preschoolers and elementary-aged children.

Register Here

Kids playing dress up super heroes
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