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Programs for Schools and Educators

BrickSpace offers numerous programs to teachers and educators, including in-class and in-school field trips, family STEAM night, after-school enrichment programming and STEAM instruction consultation for preschools up to middle schools. With our engaging, hands-on STEAM learning students understand concepts through fun, guided activities and use a plethora of educational materials, fostering critical thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration skills.

For more info, please contact Fary Koh at 707.3195489.


Lego® Engineering







In-Class Field Trip one class, 30-45 minutes, may be customized to curriculum

In-School Field Trip multiple classes/ grades, 45-60 minutes, multiple activities

Family STEAM Night

students and families, 90-120 minutes, multiple activities and stations

Consultations and Professional Development

review your STEAM curriculum and materials, give teachers new tools

What Educators Are Saying

"I'm a first grade teacher in Vallejo. I took my students along with 2 other first grade classes from my school on a field trip to BrickSpace. It was absolutely fabulous!! Fary (the owner) and her two assistants were amazing. They are knowledgeable and friendly, and they knew how to allow the children to explore, while at the same time guide them toward the goal. My students had a great time and continued to talk about it for weeks to follow. I'm sure if anyone asked them about their experience in the next several years, they would have great things to say about it. I have personally recommended BrickSpace to friends and other teachers and I plan to take my new coming students there for another amazing field trip next year!"  ~Lori B.

"Thank you so much for the photos and giving my students an opportunity to grow through problem solving, collaborating, and sharing their marble designs. They would have been there all day if we let them! They love it when you and Taylor come to Dan Mini. Looking forward to next time." ~Teacher from Dan Mini Elementary

Past After School Enrichment Sites

Mary Farmar Elementary

Joe Henderson Elementary

Robert Semple Elementary

Matthew Turner Elementary

Nelda Mundy Elementary

Wardlaw Elementary

Donaldson Way Elementary

Napa Junction Elementary

Canyon Oaks Elementary

Morello Park Elementary

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