Pokemon Habitats/Ecosystem
Wednesdays 3 pm to 4 pm, starting 9/9.


Brickspace is recruiting a few young biologists/engineers this Fall to help Pokemon trainers design and build habitats for their Pokemon companions. This is a GREAT learning and building activity to inspire our students to explore real life eco system and habitats!


9/9 Forests (Temperate, Deciduous)
This habitat is home to many common Pokémon types like grass, bug and flying.

9/16 Caves
This habitat is located underground and often inside a cave. It is home to many ground, rock and steel pokemon. It is damp and has little to no light. Do you know some Dragon-types hide themselves deep within winding caves?

9/23 Volcanoes
Close to the craters of active volcanoes, or near magma pools inside of them, only Pokémon that can withstand the blistering heat can survive. Can you guess which ones?? These Fire-types thrive in these areas, though sturdier Rock-types and the occasional Poison-type can be found here as well.

9/30 Ponds
Ponds are small, freshwater bodies of water. Water doesn't flow in or out of them, making them prime spots for rich algal growth. Pond Pokémon can usually tolerate murky waters and find refuge in calmer, smaller pools of water.

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