Mon-Fri 8 am-12pm

(Starting Aug 17)

Do you need support to help your child navigate distance learning and getting their schoolwork completed with a dash of FUN Social “distanced” interactions with their friends.

Brickspace offers in person program (learning pod) for distance learning for your TK-8th grade student during school hours. Your child can join one of the mini learning pods to study and get their schoolwork completed with staff support.



Learning pods will be held outside and a small stable pod is available indoors.

Students are required to have their temperature checked, mask on and hand sanitized before they start their study session.

Students need to bring their own supplies and they may not share their supplies with other students.

Students will sit at their assigned table, once they are at their table they can choose to have their mask off.  Mask needs to be put on if a person is approaching their table. For indoor pod, mask is required at all times.

Students will bring snacks and water. We are a no nuts facility.

Students and staff that are not feeling during our program will be isolated and send home. A note from doctor is required to return to program.

All work tables will be sanitized after each session. Bathroom and common areas will be cleaned and sanitized often.

Hand sanitizer is available on every table. Students will hand sanitized before they leave the program.


Our staff is engaging, encouraging, fun and will help your child stick to a routine and schedule.

Payments for Half Day Learning Pods (New And Existing Students)