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Science Class

Summer Camps
Preschool Age

Summer is almost here!! We have put together a variety of LEGO, Art and STEM camps to meet different needs and interests. All camps have a good balance of structured and self-directed activities!  Our campers learn by doing, whether exploring their own ideas in free-build or working as a team in an instructor-led project, they experience the same processes of trial and error, success and failure, reflection and breakthroughs that artists and engineers in a variety of careers experience each day. These experiences are essential to becoming future leaders in science and technology.


Our staff takes pride in working with your children to prepare them for their future with skills like problem solving, critical thinking, collaboration and communication while they are having fun at camp! Campers are grouped by age/skill level. All new lesson plans.


All camps at 425 Military East, Suite F and J.



One Camp:

$150 per week/per camp or $35 per camp/per day 8:30 am to 11:30am.

Preschool Sumemr Camp Schedule

Schedule for steam camp 2022 for preschoolers
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