It's our 10th Anniversary!

Dear Brickspace Families
I thank you for your support as we celebrate our 10 years in imagining, building, and learning with your children/students! It has been a wonderful experience building this educational program. So many ah-ha moments from the students and teachers/parents as well as they witness their kids problem solving, reengineering, creating, communicating, and collaborating with their peers and trying again and again! Our children need to master these 21st-century learning skills in order to thrive in today’s world. 10 years ago, my good friend, Sheri Hoffman, wrote an article about Brickspace. I read it again and am so proud that our mission is the same – building a community of learners through engaging activities that inspire them to explore and experiment STEAM concepts and more.

Thank you goes to all the educators, schools, and school districts that hire us to facilitate STEAM activities in the classrooms, after school, and in summer. We appreciate your continued trust and support. We make a GREAT team for your students! We are so blessed to be booked through end of school.

A big thank you goes to my staff – they are truly the backbone of our program! They make learning fun and engaging but most of all they CARE! From the mouth of one of the staff, ”This is not just a job but a great learning experience.”