Ms. Fary, as she is called by many of Benicia’s kids and their parents, has extensive experience working with children for the past 12 years. She had provided a strong after-school/summer enrichment program that was child centered. Ms. Fary has seen that children will learn if they are engaged, challenged and supported. She advocates for hands-on learning and finds Legos to be a great tool to facilitate that.

Kids love to dig through a giant plastic container of lego bricks and start creating and building. With her three boys and a childcare full of kids that love legos, Ms. Fary has seen how legos have transformed them. It is amazing to see kids’ ability to build, to play independently, to collaborate with their friends and create a big city with a movie theatre, pet shop and school. Ms. Fary wants to extend the learning for kids using legos to teach math, science and engineering concepts. She has done extensive research and is ready to face this new challenge.

Ms. Fary has a B.A. in English and Linguistics from York University, Toronto, Canada. She graduated from Michigan State University with a Masters of Education with an emphasis in College and University Administration. Her last job before starting her after school program was at UC Berkeley. She was in charge of Academic Support Services for 5000 students living in the residence halls. At Cal, Ms. Fary started a living and learning program to support Women In Science and Engineering.