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This STEM Field trip will offer your students  the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, engineering, math, science and design using LEGO bricks and other materials. The students will be given different building challenge that require them to problem solve:  they plan, build, test, and evaluate using set criteria.

Team building activities get scouts working together and give them opportunities to get to know one another better. They also have time to be creative and free build.

Your scout will be able to earn badges!!!

We would love to schedule a field trip with your scouts to BrickSpace.

Email BrickSpace@att.net for more information.


STEM Field Trip Includes:

  • 2 hours of STEM activities
  • $20 for each scout
  • A Mini Figure

Sample  Program Agenda (non Robotics)

10 am to 10:15 am              Welcome, expectations and engineering design process/scientific method
10:20  to 11:55 am             *STEM Stations – 2D vs 3D build, Marble Maze, Build a boat that floats, Zip Line, Air Powered Balloon Cars, free build                                 
11:55 am to 12:10 pm         Debrief and goodbyes

Some Stations are:
Station 1     Build a Sturdy wall and test it 3 ways
Station 2      Marble Maze (potential and kinetic energy and gravity)
Station 3      Build a Boat that floats (buoyancy)
Station 4       Zip Line  (Inclined Plane) or Air Powered Balloon Cars (Newton 3rd Law of Motion)
Station 5      Slime (Kitchen Chemistry)
Station 6       Build a Volcano out of LEGOs and make it erupt (kitchen Chemistry)
We can facilitate Fairy Tales STEM or Super Heroes STEM or any special theme.

Robotics Workshop

  • Mini Lecture about Robots/Robotics
  • Introduce and explore different systems (gears, pulley …)
  • Build and Code
  • LEGO We DO
  • 2 hour class
  • $25 per scout

 Animation Workshop

  • Mini Lecture about Animation
  • Story Board
  • How to animate with LEGOs
  • Build set and start making movies
  • Share
  • 2 hour class
  • $25 per scout


Every event I have been a part of at BrickSpace has been well thought out, organized, and executed flawlessly! From birthday parties to Girl Scout Workshops, I continue to be impressed and can’t wait to schedule the next event! Fary’s passion and enthusiasm is clear and transfers immediately to the kids and parents alike! She is welcoming, encouraging, motivating, and requires the kids to use their brain power and imaginations! It’s the perfect combination!!! – Randi B. Girl Scout Troop Leader, Vacaville, CA