Professional Development

Explore the VALUE of how brick  building activities can enhance the language, math and science development in children from preschool to middle school.

Need some teambuilding activities with your staff ?? Curious about how you can use bricks as part of your instructional design?

Contact Fary to learn more about engaging different learning styles and encouraging cooperation, creativity, and confidence in your students through LEGO activities.


Fary had presented workshops at the Solano Community College’s Early Childhood Conference (2013  and 2014). She received positive feedback from the participants. Some feedback were

“It was really fantastic. I really think she could be a keynote speaker,” “Wow! it was fun and exciting and tons of learning,” and “I can’t wait to build with the children.”

Fary had also facilitated two professional development workshops  to over 90 preschool teachers with Child Start Inc.