Children are naturally drawn to a big tub of  bricks. Brick by brick, they love to stack them up or build a house or a giraffe. LEGO@ brick is a great hands-on tool that is ideal for active, creative and collaborative learning. It also provides opportunities for preschoolers to improve on their fine motor abilities, work on their problem solving skills and most importantly, a fun time building!

BrickSpace is excited to bring Junior Bricks Club to your preschool. Our teacher-directed  S.T.E.M. building activities are theme based. The kids will imagine, build and learn about animals and their habitats, castles, dinosaurs, how to build a sturdy wall or a bridge that can hold 5 pounds of weight and simple machines (pulleys, inclined planes, wheels). Each class starts with a fun, engaging lesson, follows by a step by step model building. Every child will share their build, thus working on their public speaking skills. There will be time set aside for free build.

Do you have a future engineer, architect or a builder in your program??? Call us to schedule a free demo class.


Sample Lessons

A Bamboo Forest for Panda Bear
Three Billy Goats Gruff
Rapunzel and her pulley
A boat that floats
Safari Animals
Under The Sea
We can also tie building models with your weekly class curriculum.
Class Schedule
  • Circle (song/short story)
  • Brief instruction of the design and building challenge
  • Build  the model following set criteria/Reengineer and build  if necessary
  • Share the Model
  • Free Play – Once kids have successfully built their model, they will be given time to free build with our bins of special brick pieces. 
Our instructor/facilitator is fun, engaging and trained to provide support for the children to build successfully, as well as challenge them to problem solve and think critically.
Cost – $ 10 per class with a minimum of  10 students with one instructor.  Parents pay for class.
Class Duration – 50 minutes.
 We bring all our materials. 
 Please contact Fary Koh at  if you have questions.