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STEM Class for K-5 students

The aim of the class is to offer children the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, engineering and design using LEGO bricks. During class, the children are given a building challenge that requires them to problem solve: they plan, build, test, and evaluate using set criteria. In addition, students will be challenged to use their critical thinking skills, fine motor abilities, and work on their teamwork and communication skills.


Some Lesson Choices (we can also put together a lesson based on the students’ or teacher’s needs)


Balloon Powered Cars (3rd to 5th)

Students will learn Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion. To prove the 3rd law, student will build and test a LEGO Balloon Car. Their LEGO car will move once the balloon releases its air. So, as the amount of airflow increases, the distance the car moves increases. So, they are dependent on each other. How much air is released determines the distance the car moves. Moreover, as the air shoots out in a direction, the car will move in the other direction.

 Robotics (4th -5th)

We use robotics in our daily lives. Through the use of the LEGO WE DO Robotics program, students will explore and observe how robots work. Students will build a robot, connect it to the computer and program its functions. Cause-and-effect learning is enhanced when students test the program with the model connected to the computer. Like scientists working in a lboratory, students can test and modify their programming in real time.

Medieval Castles (K to 5th)

Students will practice the art of building a sturdy wall by overlapping their bricks. They will learn facts about castles. Did you know the rectangular chunks missing from the tops of a wall are called battlements, and they were usually made so archers or lookouts could be posted along the wall? The students will design and build their castle with the following criteria: 4 walls, 4 towers, a drawbridge and a moat. They will also test their castle to make sure it is sturdy!

Three Billy Goats Gruff (Perfect for K-1)

Students will build a bridge to allow the three Billy Goats Gruff to walk to the green pastures on the other side of the river (and avoid the troll). Students will also build three goats – small, medium and large that can stand on the bridge together. Lastly, a scary troll should fit under the bridge. Students will learn about comparatives, positional words and ways to build a sturdy bridge.

Civil Engineering – Bridges (2nd and up)

How much weight can your bridge hold?? Students will learn about the different types of bridges. They will design and build a sturdy bridge after we explore key concepts including structure, load-bearing and environmental consideration. The fun begins when they test how much weight their bridge will hold. If the bridge breaks, the student will go back to the drawing board and reengineer their bridge for further testing!

Aerospace Engineering – Planes and Zip Lines (2nd and up)

Students will learn about how plane flies – drag, lift, thrust and gravity through hands-on demonstration. They will build a plane with two wings, a tail, a nose, and a fuselage. Students will explore a simple machine called a pulley by attaching their plane to the movable pulley and see it fly across the room.

Other classes include Math Lab (2 D vs 3 D build, Symmetry, fractions…), Story Starters (each kid builds a story with a beginning, middle and ending and they write about their story) and we are open teacher’s suggestions and students’ needs.


Class Schedule

  • Expectations
  • Brief lecture of the design and building challenge
  • Build the model following set criteria
  • Test the Model
  • Reengineer and build if necessary
  • Test again
  • Free Play – Once kids have successfully built their model, they will be given time to free build with our bins of special LEGO pieces.



Our instructor/facilitator is fun, engaging and trained to provide support for the children to build successfully, as well as challenge them to problem solve and think critically.

Cost – $ 150 per class and Robotics is $200 per class.

Class Duration – 60 minutes. Please contact Fary Koh at 707.319.5489 to schedule a class.