Field Trips can provide kids with valuable experiences, wonderful memories, and. strong academic benefits.

S.T.E.M. Day
S.T.E.M. Day
During our field trips, we facilitate various building activities to help kids understand, explore and test S.T.E.M. (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts. At the same time, we also include team building activities providing opportunities for kids to work together and get to know one another better. They will, of course, get time to be creative and free build (without instructions).

BrickSpace is a wonderful option for a field trip for children of all ages. We welcome all groups like Pre Schoolers, School, Girls /Boys Scouts, Camps, Mom’s Club Playgroups and so forth. We can accommodate up to 60 kids.

We are set up to let kids explore on their own and/or  have structured time for building with LEGO bricks. We will work with your group and come up with a program that will meet your group’s needs.

Please call BrickSpace at 707.745.8088 to schedule a field trip for your organization.

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