S.T.E.M. Day
S.T.E.M. Day

Field trips can provide kids with valuable experiences, wonderful memories, and strong academic benefits.

We facilitate a variety of building activities to help kids understand, explore, and test STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) concepts.

Team building activities get kids working together and give them opportunities to get to know one another better. They also have time to be creative and free build.

We have hosted many school groups and scouting groups for STEM Field trips.  Groups ranged from 12 kids to 50 kids. Our center holds up to 50 kids with teachers and parents comfortably. Each field trip lasts 2 hours.


Our STEM field trip offers your students  the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, engineering, math, science and design using bricks and other materials. The students will be given different building challenges that require them to problem solve:  they plan, build, test, and evaluate using set criteria.

Sample Program Agenda:
Station 1     Build a Sturdy wall and test it 3 ways
Station 2      Marble Maze (potential and kinetic energy and gravity)
Station 3      Build a Boat that floats (buoyancy)
Station 4       Zip Line  (Inclined Plane) or Air Powered Balloon Cars (Newton 3rd Law of Motion)
Station 5      Free Build
We charge $10 a child. No charge for adults. 
Our Address is  946 Tyler Street, Suite H in Benicia.
The following schools have visited us:
Cave Elementary
Nelda Mundy Elementary
Stefan Manor Elementary
Warlord Elementary
and many Scouting groups

from Danville to Vacaville.