BrickSpace turns 2 on Thursday, November 13

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One small idea two years ago became one AWESOME place where kids can build, learn and play with LEGOs. BrickSpace turns 2 next Thursday, November 13.

As I reflect on the last two years of business, I am thankful for Benicia, my community with wonderful families and schools that first supported and embraced this CRAZY idea (my son questioned, ” who would pay you money to play with LEGOs?”).

I am thankful for the hundreds of kids that have participated in our programs. It is always affirming to hear kids say they love LEGO Club or a parent shared that their child is building a lot at home and a teacher that stopped you to say that she is impressed that her kinders knew a lot of facts about the Effiel Tower from our lesson on building famous structures.

I am thankful for my staff for always putting kids first and providing opportunities for kids to feel proud and more confident about their building skills after each class. I am thankful for their creativity, their “can do” attitude and most of all their commitment to children’s learning!

I am thankful for the growing number of out of town parents, some crossing two bridges to get their kids to our programs. I am thankful for the schools and after school centers outside of Benicia that continue to offer our programs.

I am thankful for my family. Their 150% support – hours of sorting LEGOS, brainstorm ideas with mom for birthday parties or classes, facilitating classes, doing payroll, taxes .. I thank you and love you all!

I thank all the current families that believe and support our programs. You bring your kids to our program, you share our programs with friends and strangers. I work hard to provide the BEST learning and fun experience for all the kids. It takes a village and you all are part of my VILLAGE!

Lastly, I thank the kids that participate in our programs. They are like little sponges that are so READY to learn, explore, think outside the box and try new ideas and things. It is my job to provide that space/expereince for them! I have a kid a couple of weeks ago playing on our marble tubes … she put the ball at the bottom of tube and I told her that it will not work, she needs to put it on top … she told me it would work – she lifted the bottom of the tube and rolled the ball down. I learned my lesson …

Thank you for reading this long post!

Happy Birthday BrickSpace!!! What should I do to celebrate this milestone!