Every child should have a party designed just for them!

946 Tyler Street, Suite H

Home parties available!


We work with you and your child to create a fantastic party full of age-appropriate, fun and interactive activities based on a theme.

Party Package Includes:1978833_578023748980302_969246906_n[1]

2 hours of building fun with 2 BrickSpace trained engineers

1 completed project party favor to take home

$240 for the first 10 child guests, $20 each additional child guest

PARTY SCHEDULE for preschoolers

  • Free Build and/or  Crafts

  • Circle Time with story, songs and movement

  • Theme  Build

  • Cake and Drinks (bring your own)

  • Complete mini build or craft project to take home

PARTY SCHEDULE for ages 5+

  • Mini-challenges

  • Mat Activities (Quiz and Obstacle Course)

  • Theme  Build

  • Cake and Drinks (bring your own)

  • Complete  mini-set to take home


  • Create your own theme ( we have hosted Fishing, Hawaii, LEGO Challenges, Sonic, Pokémon, Ballet …)
  • Jedi Training Academy  
  • Teenage Ninja Turtles
  • Super Heroes
  • LEGO® Movie
  • LEGO® Friends
  • LEGO®Ninjago
  •  Minecraft
  • My Little Pony

    Birthday Party Fun
    Birthday Party Fun
  • Castle/Knights/Princesses
  • Zoo Animals
  • Police/Fireman
  • Create your own theme!!!




Kids and parents love our birthday parties. Some Comments from HAPPY  parents:

“BrickSpace is AMAZING!!! We hosted our son’s 4th birthday party there in June of 2014 and it was money very well spent. Fary is incredibly helpful in the planning process and the website provides lots of useful information. There is a long list of party themes from which to choose and she adapted her “ninja” theme to fit my son’s current obsession with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.”    10468104_755824141200261_1249349470190017161_n


“Fary was wonderful about communicating cost, how/when to arrive and set up. There is a large separate room in one corner that you can decorate however you want and use for food/gifts, etc. There are large tables, chairs, garbage cans and it’s incredibly clean and neat. She also had a small table set up directly outside the room as a place to put gifts when people arrived.”

“The actual space is incredible!! Very spacious, clean, and super inviting for little hands. We had about 12 kids aged 2-6 and every single one of them played non-stop for the two hours that we were there. There are little tables with different themes set up – dinosaurs, trains, princess/castles – as well as additional play equipment like little kitchens.”


“Fary had a wonderful “plan” for the day that included free play time, structured play time, circle/mat time with songs and physical activities, and then a guided build based on our theme. As our group was pretty young and having somewhat of a hard time following directions, she was lovely and totally went with the flow, adapting her plans as the day progressed and letting the kids somewhat dictate how long we spent on each activity.”


“At the end of the party (after cake), the kids were allowed to choose what small vehicle they wanted to create as a party favor. She had a wonderful teenager helping out all day and I was very impressed with how patient and helpful he was. He sat at the end and walked the kids through the instructions as they built their little planes and trucks. I heard more than one child say upon leaving, “This is the BEST party gift ever!!!” Another boy told me very seriously, “I just told my mommy this is where I need to have MY party.” Too cute!”


img_5065 “All in all, I couldn’t have had a better experience at BrickSpace. I HIGHLY recommend having a birthday party here. You will not be disappointed! Fary is incredibly professional, helpful, wonderful with children, keeps a very clean and organized space, and truly makes you feel like she cares about your kids and wants to provide them a special time. We will definitely be back!!! – Meg N,”


“This place is a hidden gem! Wow!!!! We just experienced such a wonderful birthday party for my 5 year old girl! All the kids were so engaged! This is Lego heaven for both boys and girls! A perfect place for a birthday but I understand now that they do drop offs and camps! My girls, 5 and 7 both wanted me to sign them up immediately! They would go back tomorrow, and every day! So happy we were told about this place:) have fun! Be advised parents you might turn into a kid again;) “- Rachel A.


“Thank you! It was the easiest party I ever given…” Jennifer G.


So blessed to witness a FANTASTIC party with both adults and kids building side by side. Cayden and his cousins travelled from Modesto, Morgan Hill, Sacramento and San Jose …”  A happy party attendee
We all had such a great time at Oliver’s birthday party!  I didn’t completely understand what Brickspace was really all about until I experienced my son playing and socializing with all his buddies and learning all the while!  It is truly a great thing you have going on there.  Oliver will definitely be joining in on the fun again soon.  He asked on the way home from his party, “Mama, when can we go back there?” And I’m sure it wasn’t just the cake and presents!  =) Thank-you for a wonderful 4th birthday experience!
-Jenny, Carlos and Oliver Arevalo

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