Fall 2017

Mondays and Tuesdays we will focus on Math and Language Arts.  Our teacher directed building activities provide opportunities for children to improve their fine motor, listening, critical thinking, problem solving and creative skills. They learn to work and play cooperatively and independently, a valuable skill to take with them into Kindergarten! Each class you will receive a summary sheet explaining what was covered in class so you can have meaningful conversations with your child about what they have learned. Classes are for ages 3 and up, child must be potty-trained and parent provides child’s own nut-free snack. Class is $27. Buy a pack of 4 classes and get 2 free drop in play hours! You only pay when your child attends.


What do we do during class?

Each week we build our lesson plan on a theme.  This class focus on language arts, math and building. Our young builders will read a story, explore new vocabulary words, practice math concepts and learn the basics of building.  They are encouraged to use their imagination to complete a building project with specific criteria. For example, to build a giraffe, we will describe the different parts of a giraffe –  four long legs, a body, a long neck, a head, a tail and two eyes.  As they build, we remind them of our criteria and cheer them on for their creativity in colors, size and shape. Every giraffe build will be different and from their imagination. Through our  building activities , our young builders will learn patience, critical thinking, problem-solving, spatial thinking and cooperation as they figure out how to make what they’re building come out like they want it to.


Why do we love our building classes?

We love to see our builders progress from stacking bricks to following the instructor’s direction in building their model.  We strive to provide an environment that is supportive and engaging for all levels of builders. One of the most important lessons they learn with  building is when the build falls apart and it is okay to build again.  Knowing “failure” can be overcome by trying again builds confidence. Building with bricks can build self-esteem and encourage imagination!

Our young builders work and play cooperatively, and even learn public speaking skills through our Build and Share time. After each class, you will receive a LAP (Learning and Play) Time outline of what we covered so you can have meaningful conversations with your child about what they built and learned.