LEGO®  Building  Club offers children the opportunity to explore their creativity and learn about architecture, engineering, and design using LEGO® bricks.

Each class presents a building challenge that requires them to problem solve:

they plan, build, test, and evaluate using set criteria.

Through free building sessions and themed activities and challenges, children improve their critical thinking skills and fine motor abilities, and develop team working and communication skills they can use in daily life.


We currently offer LEGO® Building Clubs in Benicia Unified School District, Napa Valley School District After School Program, Morello Park Elementary and Valley View Elementary School.


Topics include:


LEGO® Engineering

Balloon Powered Cars – Students learn Newton’s 3rd Law of Motion by building and testing a LEGO Balloon Car.

Medieval Castles – Students learn about castle design and practice the art of building a sturdy wall by overlapping bricks.

Sturdy Bridges – How much weight can your bridge hold? Students design and build a sturdy bridge after exploring concepts such as structure, load bearing and environmental consideration.

LEGO® Marble Run/Maze  –Students explore science concepts like gravity and potential and kinetic energy. They create and build a marble run or maze to demonstrate the key concepts, develop problem solving skills, and learn spatial reasoning.

LEGO®We Do Robotics


Famous Structures Around the World

Amazing Race through United States



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