Children love to dig through a giant plastic container of  bricks and start creating and building – houses, super heroes, castles and airplanes will appear before your eyes in no time!  Brick building is a great hands-on activity that encourages creativity, promotes team work and enhances children’s self- esteem. At BrickSpace, we use these wonderful LEGO® bricks and educational products to facilitate building classes that introduce science, technology, engineering, mathematics (S.T.E.M.) concepts in a fun way!  Brick building enhances children’s critical thinking, communication and fine motor skills.   Through our building classes, we challenge children to use  their imagination and their knowledge of engineering and science to problem solve: they design, build, test and evaluate using set criteria. Children can expect to “fail” safely and they are encouraged to come up with solutions to  their problem.  Through their building successes, kids build confidence and will develop the desire to learn more. We scaffold our lessons so the children can build upon the concepts they learned.